Previous to now, I hadn’t been interested in starting a blog because I was reluctant to talk about myself–wondered who’d care to read it–etc. But I have learned that when Jesus had an audience, He told stories.
     Back in His day, when the Pharisees and teachers of the Jewish laws had an audience, they expounded on rules and how they thought you could work your way to heaven. Jesus so often caught people by surprise because He told stories about life stewardship and how His Father had done the work to enable the journey for those who wish to go to heaven.
     So, while I don’t figure I’ll be near as good a story-teller as Jesus was–and I have no interest in establishing a network of groupies who will follow my every tale–I WOULD like to have a place where I can post what I’m passionate about: stories of what God is doing. And if I’m writing in order to bring credit to HIM, and not to David Reeves, then He’s the One responsible for causing people to read it.