Over the past two decades, explaining my job has been a challenge because it’s technical in nature, and when people think of dubbing films, they either picture those old karate movies that were so terribly lip-sync’ed, or they think about the Spanish or French extra soundtracks on their favorite DVD….It’s a way for lots of American films to be viewed by foreign audiences.

But the word picture that I keep coming back to when I get the chance to talk about my work is that of a combine. A significant percentage of those viewing the JESUS film come away from the experience a changed person. The wheat is separated from the chaf in the sense that those who feel the call from Christ to follow His Father see a change happening in their hearts. Wheras they used to be kernals on a stalk, they can now be wheat that can become bread that can help fill the emptiness in those around them.

In the JESUS Film Studio, we go through the arduous task of lip synchronizing every line of the film into (to date more than a thousand) other languages so that the viewers can hear Jesus speaking to them in their heart language– the language they learned while sitting on their grandfather’s knee while he told stories.

Not too long ago, the 996’th translation of the JESUS film was premiered in a place not the proverbial end of the world, but you can just about see it from there. Anyway, we had shown the film there before in French, the trade language there, and viewers weren’t really following a lot of the dialogue, and were chatting with each other. But recently when they watched it and heard Jesus telling parables in Songhai, they learned that He is NOT just the white man’s god. He is their Creator, and He can speak to their hearts–to their life siuations. You could have heard a pin drop on the dusty ground as their attention was glued to the screen.

We have observed a four-times’ greater response rate of those who want to follow Christ because of viewing JESUS in their heart language. So, contrary to Hollywood’s methods of dubbing thousands of films into a few languages–we’re taking a few films and dubbing them into hundreds and hundreds of languages. We do it to facilitate the harvest of those whose hearts God has prepared to open to Him.