Oppressed by a demonic spirit causing her depression, a young Armenian girl named Dirouhi lived a confused life. Plagued by the bitterness between her parents and grandparents, she found herself caught in the midst of their broken relationships as her grandparents taught her to hate her parents. One day the disciple of a JESUS film team member shared the gospel with this young girl’s mother and gave her a copy of Magdalena. Although the girl misbehaved and tried to interrupt the conversation during this meeting, the Holy Spirit miraculously touched her heart later that evening. As her mother watched the DVD, Dirouhi became interested, and when she saw Jesus cast the demons from Mary Magdalene, she too fell to the ground as the Lord delivered her from the demonic spirit oppressing her!

Christ’s love transformed her hateful attitude toward her parents, and she said, “Mother, I love you, and I also love Jesus. Please tell me more about Him.” Following this incredible change, the young girl watched The Story of Jesus for Children, which they had also been given, and it instantly became her new favorite movie. The change Christ made in her life continued to evidence itself as the Holy Spirit gave her wisdom beyond her years. On one occasion, hearing her parents complain about her grandparents, the young girl offered, “Mother, you have to forgive my grandparents like Jesus says. There is no need to hate them. You can love them!”