If there’s one thing that Satan doesn’t want, it’s for more and more people to know about Jesus, and to turn their life over to Him. It drives him crazy. But it sure is fun for us to have a hand in helping people come from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light. The story of 71-year-old Karma, who lives in a country that is closed to the gospel, is a story that brings us joy. A year ago over tea, someone showed Karma the Four Spiritual Laws booklet, but he did not respond to an invitation to accept Christ. He did, however, take the booklet and said he would read it again. Two weeks later, Karma said, “I want to know more about Jesus,” and he watched the JESUS film with his wife. That night they both accepted Christ.

The next day, Karma invited his sons, daughters and grandchildren—18 people—to his home and told them the good news about Jesus. All 18 followed Karma’s lead to accept Christ’s gift of salvation and worship Him only. Within two months, 11 more households joined Karma and his family in daily prayer and meetings at Karma’s house. Today 17 families in Karma’s village follow Christ. They help each other in their farming and harvesting, giving them all enough time for fellowship and prayer.